Laser Show Accessories

Safety & Creativity

These products are used to enhance the performance of the laser projector or to increase the level of laser safety of the projection.

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Tilt adjustment and locking in position are possible without the use of any tools.
The size of the reflection surface is 150 x 150mm.

Discoscan Lens

A wide-angle lens designed specifically for laser projectors. It allows for laser projections anywhere in a 360° hemisphere.

Safety Lenses

The lenses increase the divergence of the laser beam when scanning downward into the audience.

4-way Masking Plate

This metal masking plate consists of four individual parts, each of which can limit the output in a different direction.

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Special Effects

Clubmax 10 FB4 and Clubmax 15 FB4,
both fitted with the MicroWheel grating set

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MicroWheel Grating set

The MicroWheel is essentially a rotating grating effect, that is controlled with DMX. Interchangeable grating effects included in the MicroWheel package are Starburst, Line-burst and Lumina.

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Single Gobo with Gratings

The single-gobo Optical Bench adds to your laser projector 3 amazing grating effects and an empty slot for a grating of your choice. There is also a zero-position space that is used for standard scanning performance.

Clubmax Series


Flight Cases

This heavy-duty flight case is essential protection for your KVANT laser projector when moving it around and travelling. It is waterproof according to IP67 standards, shockproof, and dust-proof.

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