Power output: 3-40 watts


Industrial-grade laser projectors for advertising and signage

Developed for outdoor advertising

The LogoLas is a professional laser display system built into an industrial-grade housing, developed for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, facade illumination and crowd flow management applications.

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Get your message out there!

Neon-like laser text and graphics will catch people’s attention and get you noticed.


Simple to use and inexpensive solution for outdoor advertising.

LogoLas is simple to install, comfortable to control, economical to run and very bright. LogoLas can handle rain, snow and sand and works reliably at temperatures from -20 to +40°C.

Industrial IP65 certified design

With its inbuilt control interface and IP-rated robust build, it is a comprehensive solution for permanent installations in demanding environments.

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LogoLas Upgrades

Discover a range of accessories that increase the versatility of LogoLas.

Post-mount installation kit

This kit allows for connecting the supplied wall-mount bracket to any circular posts with an external diameter of 40-100mm.

Pan/tilt mounting bracket

The bracket allows fitting the LogoLas to a flat surface and its directional adjustment.

Wall mount bracket

Supplied bracket for installation on walls.

Single Beam Output

LogoLas fitted with a Beam Expander


Beam Expander

Enhance the single-beam visibility with our Beam Expander fitted to your LogoLas laser projector.


Saturn | Juno scanning system

For HD laser graphics, upgrade the default scanners to a higher model.

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Technical Specifications

For more information, visit our website via the links below.

LogoLas 3000

40 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas 6500

40 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas 10

40 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas G10 OPSL

40 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas 18

30 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas 24

30 Kpps @ 8°

LogoLas 40

30 Kpps @ 8°