Power output: 400 watts


World-class lighting solution for architecture

Super-bright sky laser

Extremely luminous sky lasers suitable for landmark illumination and architecture.

The 2nd generation Architect, offering a high-power laser beam, is our reaction to the increasing demand for super bright lasers.

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Extreme luminosity

Meet the Architect!


400 W

Full-colour output

20+ km

Visibility distance



Thanks to our own patented technology and purposefully optimized design and construction of this unit, it is a reliable and durable solution for permanent outdoor installations.

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Motorised platform

The optional DMX-controlled heavy-duty platform offers a 350-degree pan and 126-degree tilt of the whole Architect fixture.

Highlighting landmarks

The beam coming out of the Architect systems draws attention from many miles away.

Architect W400B Video

Technical Specifications

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Architect W400B

Single beam output