Monsoon | Typhoon | Rain Cover

Outdoor Protection


Monsoon & Typhoon

The Monsoon / Typhoon enclosure is uncompromising protection for delicate electronic equipment. It is designed to protect the equipment from harsh environmental conditions and elements.

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Galvanised Steel Construction

Ideal for permanent outdoor installations

Double-wall construction


Robust and durable enclosure

Manufactured in two sizes for every model of Kvant laser projectors



Air Filters

Quality air filters ensure protection against sand and dust.


Temperature Regulation

The fully automatic temperature control management ensures that protected equipment runs in ideal conditions and extends its life span.


Double-wall Casing

Galvanised steel construction made suitable for permanent indoor & outdoor installations in almost any climate and environment.


Air Conditioning Unit


The enclosure can be supplied with or without an external AC unit.


Connect the chiller to Monsoon/Typhoon

If you plan to use  Monsoon/Typhoon in an environment with temperatures exceeding 35 °C, we recommend to use the AC unit.

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Rain Cover

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100% Rain-proof

We made this “coat” to protect your KVANT lasers from any kind of wet weather.


It can be installed in seconds and is held securely so it doesn’t get blown away in the wind. It is beautifully manufactured from tough and tear resistant materials.

Technical Specifications

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Rain Cover

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