Power output: 7-40 watts

Beam Brush

The effects of moving heads and wash lights

It's all about the beam size

The fact that you can go from a razor-tight laser beam to a volumetric wash look instantaneously means that it is possible to replicate the effect of moving heads, paint with the laser and make audience scanning safer.

Beam Brush Laser REVOLUTION

The Beam Brush is so fast that it, without any problems, allows for smooth beam diameter adjustments even of complex scanned effects.

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This innovative technology you will find exclusively in the Beam Brush series projectors of KVANT Lasers.

The Beam Brush is available in 7-Watt, 10-Watt, and 40-Watt versions. In addition, it comes with all the advanced features of our other KVANT projectors and is compatible with all the standard accessories.

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Next level laser graphics and safer audience scanning

The effect of moving heads

The Beam Brush laser projector is suitable and effective for a much larger variety of lighting applications and with an unlimited number of gobos, as those can be programmed in the software.


The Beam Brush technology in action

Beam Brush Aerial Beam Show

The laser beam show created for our Beam Brush technology, by Lyra Letourneau

Beam Brush Graphics Laser Show

Dream Laser, one of the industry's best-known laser show creation companies, created this amazing New Years lasershow.

Technical Specifications

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Beam Brush 7000

40 Kpps@8°, max. 60°

Beam Brush 10

40 Kpps@8°, max. 50°

Beam Brush 40

35 Kpps @ 8°, max. 60°