Power output: 34-55 watts


Our flagship projector is developed for hi-end touring

When the finest is the only way forward

The latest Spectrum series is the ultimate result of our know-how merged with the latest laser technology and the wishes of laser display professionals worldwide.

Beautifully and practically designed Spectrum projectors offer world-class performance and superb beam quality.

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The best of Kvant Lasers


Foam Aluminium Chassis

The latest Spectrum chassis is 30% lighter, significantly smaller and more robust than its predecessor and most conventional projectors in its class.


Floating Heat Sink

The heatsink is mounted in the chassis via a flexible seal. It reduce vibrations and allows the heatsink to overcome heat expansion without the risk of deformation, which often leads to colour misalignment.

Touring-grade Laser Projector

Nearly 30 years of innovations, experience, and feedback make our Spectrums excel at all those demanding outdoor shows, with no compromise!

Pangolin FB4

Professional control interface and easy daisy-chaining

ArtNET and DMX

Native control from any lighting desk or compatible device

Metal pipe bumpers

Great for increased protection and easier handling when the projector is out of the flight case

Hanging bracket

The massive stainless steel hanging bracket with a soft rubber lining offers a comfortable grip and zero flex.

Motorised dichroic filters

For quick and easy beam alignment

(Optional Upgrade)

Superb Quality Output

The beam profile of each colour is near round, and all beams perfectly match each other in shape, size and divergence.

(Distance 350m)

Extra OPSL Module

The 577nm yellow or 590nm orange OPSL module provide a wide range of colours and high luminosity and brightness of the system.

State of the art full-colour high-power laser display projectors.

World-class Performance

Touring-grade Laser Projector

VIDEO: Indisputable Facts

Find out all about Spectrum laser projectors.


Power to all


Welcoming mega show

Easton Castle | Private party

More power for every show

Technical Specifications

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Spectrum 34 ROGB

40 Kpps @ 8°

Spectrum 37 RYGB

40 Kpps @ 8°

Spectrum 55 RYGB

30 Kpps @ 8°