Power output: 3-40 watts


Practical self-contained design and robust construction

Years ago, we wanted to build a cheap and cheerful laser projector. But that's not who we really are, and it ended up being a hardcore quality all-time bestseller.

Our latest Clubmax has been crafted to perfection following Kvant’s core philosophy of continuous improvement. The level of interest, number of sales, and buzz about Clubmax proved we hit the nail on the head. It became so popular that many copies flooded the market soon after its release.

There’s only one true Clubmax!

Smolenice castle

Clubmax 10 FB4 & Clubmax 15 FB4 in action.

The latest generation Clubmax lasers are a radically simple solution for all kinds of places and events

Private venues

Cosy clubs

Large-scale shows

Developed for challenging environments

Optimised design with extended maintenance intervals saves you time and money.

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A few nice touches that distinguish us from others and help you to succeed


Pangolin FB4

Professional control interface and easy daisy-chaining

ArtNET and DMX

Native control from any lighting desk or compatible device

Colour balance display mode

Ensure consistent colors from Clubmax lasers irrespective of the control interface.

Secondary special effects aperture

The new MicroWheel grating assembly is essentially a rotating grating effect, that is controlled with DMX.

(Clubmax 10, 24 & 40 FB4)

Motorised dichroic filters

for quick and easy beam alignment

(Clubmax 24 & 40 FB4)

Energy of laser light

Small-Format 24 & 40 watts lasers for large-scale shows
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The 24 watts and 40 watts small-format but rugged, high-power-output Clubmax laser projectors are factory fitted with modern features allowing you to deliver world-class laser displays - effectively and efficiently.


The most resistant and versatile Clubmax ever!

Rain means nothing!


To further improve the legendary Clubmax FB4 laser projectors’ high-power range, we redesigned the housing and made it heavy-duty!

They are far more robust and 100% waterproof, certified to IP65 standards.
This model is factory fitted with Motorised Dichroic Filters for quick and easy beam alignment.

Technical Specifications

For more information, visit our website via the links below.

Clubmax 3000 FB4

40 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 6500 FB4

40 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 10 FB4

40 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 24 FB4

30 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 40 FB4

30 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 18 FB4 IP65

30 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 24 FB4 IP65

30 Kpps @ 8°

Clubmax 40 FB4 IP65

30 Kpps @ 8°